update log ✧

update log ✧

creating this log to help with updates! I hope this helps with communication with my shop, and having it left up on a page it can be referred back to/checked on if anything like preorder listings are archived.

acrylic charms: ordered, waiting on delivery from overseas. was scheduled to be shipped the 8/20-8/24, so currently in transit! tysm to all who preordered for your patience, I'll update as soon as they're here! 

current sticker orders: been busy with tattooing/unpacking from moving house, but I'm going to get all current unfulfilled sticker orders shipped, and launch a new batch of designs soon! aiming for this coming week (9/4-9/10)

tattooing + also running the online shop is a lot of hours of working, so again tysm for all of your patience! along with the many jobs tattooing is, I also have a few health issues like chronic migraine, vertigo, panic disorder, GERD (among other things) and they sometimes fully interrupt my work or I spend an entire weekend at home recovering. I'm looking to more often be getting help from my partner + friends to help split the work, since I've never had this many things to sell + people to get back to! your excitement about my art is super appreciated. I always want to look for better solutions + balance with work/life and taking care of my body to make more cute little guys~

looking forward to making some cute creppy creatures for halloween next!! >:3

☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙ *:・゚✧*:・‧͙˚*・༓☾

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