update log ✧

update log ✧


all acrylic charm preorders from round one (rainbow corgis, neopets, pkmn) are all sent out! tysm for everyone's patience! I think next round I will choose faster shipping from the manu, even if it costs more I'd like to make sure the preorders are sent out in a more timely manner~

posting the remaining charms up on the shop now! 

been thinking and I will be figuring out concrete online shop workdays every other week/twice a month and clarifying shipping speeds/times for you all. I make all the illustrations myself, and have found with making mockups/graphics, ordering products, and the process of making all my stickers in house it definitely makes sense to have set days to get these things done vs. trying to extend the days where I already tattoo even longer (this sometimes means I'm giving myself a 9-10hr workday). this is unsustainable for my pain management/health issues and I want to prioritize a healthy work/life dynamic!

I'll also be taking on more help during these days from my team to make sure everything is running more smoothly and I'm not taking on too much work~ 

ty all, excited to put more into the online shop and have it running even more smoothly!!

♡ ollie ♡

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